Helping Legacies Endure, Grow & Thrive

Our Mission

Legacy Agripartners exists to be a source of strength for agricultural America by doing right by farmers. That dedication means we:

Keep Rural America Strong

Farmer-focused with a passionate commitment to uplifting rural communities and agriculture as a whole.

Search Out Seed Opportunities

Food and feed done better, building toward a new era in organic, specialty crop and non-GMO farming.

Commit to Regenerative Agriculture

Of the earth, for the earth. We help farmers nurture and protect their fields for generations to come.

Our Focus

The seed is the start of it all

We serve as the stewards and guardians of agricultural traditions that we’re honored to carry forward.

Let’s grow stronger, together.

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Industry & Expertise

Pushing farming forward

From developing specialty crops for small growers to evolving how we think of feed for livestock, we see the future of agriculture clearly—and have the combined muscle to meet it with every tool in hand.

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Our Companies

By maintaining the legacies of thriving, forward-thinking seed brands, we continue the positive impact each company has on their agricultural community.

Legacy Seeds

Founded in 1999, Legacy Seeds focuses on local soils and growing environments to provide customized solutions for every acre.

DF Seeds

A Michigan-proven provider of seeds, DF Seeds commits to the research and collaboration that creates tremendous results.

TriCal Superior Forage

TriCal Superior Forage delivers top quality forage for grazing, silage and hay with high protein and high tonnage.

Our Partners

Growing together

From research institutions to organizations dedicated to improving the per-acre yield and compensation that growers receive, Legacy Agripartners forges relationships that advance the farming industry as a whole.

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Our Leadership

Dedication. Accountability. Integrity.

Our company was founded on values that we bring to life every day—starting with the personal commitment of each leader in our organization.

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