Industry & Expertise

A down-to-earth approach to building a thriving future

Despite the ever-changing challenges facing agricultural America, Legacy Agripartners believes that together, we can plan and prepare for successful seasons to come.

Market & Industry Trends

The Foresight to Plant the Right Seeds

Today’s marketplace dynamics present growers and agricultural companies with unprecedented needs—meaning equally unprecedented opportunity.

Trait Economics

Today over 90% of the corn and soybean acres carry at least one GMO trait. Increasing prices for seed corn and soybeans have farmers looking for trusted partners and new alternatives.

Market Concentration

Recent mergers and acquisitions have resulted in four companies representing over 80% of U.S. seed sales. The ripple effect: new people, brands, and strategy create market turbulence and change long-time relationships between farmers and their suppliers.

Sustainability & Regenerative Ag

As farmers look to increase biodiversity and capture more carbon in the soil, demand for cover crops and forage crops such as alfalfa continue to grow quickly.

Consumer Preferences

Rapidly growing segments including non-GMO, organic and other consumer preferences are increasing production, disrupting supply chains, changing producer behaviors and resulting in food companies looking for new solutions and suppliers.

Farm Demographics & Consolidation

As large numbers of farmers retire, the next generation of growers are evaluating crop opportunities and technologies that keep pace with marketplace trends and growth, seizing on new opportunities to maximize profit and sustainability.

Our Specialties

Sourcing nationwide to benefit Midwest growers

We are focused on breeding, testing and selling seeds that allow Midwest farmers to maximize their yields.


High-yielding, high-digestibility, and high-protein varieties of alfalfa and silage corn

Food-grade Products

Leading the way in Michigan with varieties selected only for the food-grade market

Trait Stacks

Offering all combinations of traits for what is needed on Upper Midwest farms


Focusing on sustainability goals, not just yield


We are one of only four U.S. alfalfa breeding programs, conducting rigorous testing for performance and agronomic attributes


Grow in Good Company

Our seed companies source corn and soybean products from all trait providers as well as genetics from more than 10 different breeding programs.

Legacy Seeds

Selecting hybrids from leafy and traditional silage programs to give dairy and beef farmers the best options to increase their profits through improved digestibility.

DF Seeds

Testing soybean varieties for not only yield and agronomic qualities like disease tolerance but also the characteristics most desired by food-grade buyers: hilum color, coagulation and protein.

Featured Seed Products

One-of-a-kind genetics to feed forward-thinking operations

Our seed brands work to advance the opportunities in dairy and livestock by offering a range of versatile, high-performing offerings.


Silage Hybrid System

Our RATION CHOICE HYBRID (RCH) system allows you, as the producer, to choose which silage system works best for your farm. Our corn silage product portfolio includes high-yielding and high-forage quality Flexible Acre varieties, highly digestible and high-energy Brown Mid Rib varieties and high-yielding and ration-flexible Leafy silage varieties.

Legacy StandLife Genetics®

Superior Disease Resistance

In many areas of the Midwest, Aphanomyces Races 2 and 3 are severe root-pruning diseases that reduce yields and the stand-life of alfalfa fields. Legacy Seeds’ StandLife Genetics® varieties have high resistance to multiple strains of these diseases as well as high resistance to all of the main alfalfa diseases, and perform exceptionally well in a variety of soil types and conditions.

Legacy HD®

Highly Digestible Alfalfa

These high-yielding and persistent varieties are Highly Digestible (HD®) and provide increased milk production and profitability. In Legacy Seeds alfalfa research trials, our Legacy Brand HD® alfalfa varieties average producing approximately 110% more milk per acre than top competitors’ varieties.


Conventional Genetics, Premium Markets

Upper Midwest growers have a unique climate for growing some of the best high-protein soybeans in the country. D.F. Seeds works to find the best genetics to fit premium markets available to Midwestern farmers.