Introducing Legacy Agripartners

We are proud to announce that Legacy Seed Companies is now Legacy Agripartners. We originally founded Legacy Seed Companies to develop a network of seed companies throughout the Midwest, focusing on food and feed products for farmers and consumers. While our priority remains the seed business, we are also committed to thinking more broadly about how we help rural farmers grow today and leave enduring and thriving legacies tomorrow. 

A new name. A new legacy.

At Legacy Agripartners, partnership is at the heart of what we do every day: partnering with farmers, partnering with our alfalfa customers, and partnering with food companies who export our soybeans, all to improve our customers’ profitability and address unmet needs in both feed and food. 

Keeping the word “Legacy” in our name is particularly important to all of us at Legacy Agripartners because we believe in preserving the legacy of all our brands in their local communities. Our vision isn’t about growing one brand across the United States. Instead, it’s about connecting resources and nurturing a thriving rural America to ensure individual brands continue to flourish in their home regions. This belief is the core of what Legacy Agripartners invests in today and will continue to do so in the future.

Uplifting agriculture as a whole

Legacy Agripartners wants to help farmers in ways that current seed companies are not. Focusing on food and feed markets, non-GMO and organic options, and regenerative ag is extremely important. We are looking for new seed brands and partners to help farmers find new markets for their crops, feed their livestock more efficiently, or get rewarded for planting crops that will restore our soils and sequester carbon. While more yield for farmers is essential, focusing on increasing profitability is where our future legacy lies. 

Companies driving forward

The Legacy Agripartners vision is not a dream to do something that we have not done before. Our Legacy Seeds team focuses on developing superior alfalfa varieties with best-in-class digestibility. Prioritizing feed, combined with the development of our Ration Choice™ hybrids, allows beef and dairy farmers to produce the most milk-per-acre, rather than just the biggest pile of silage. Our team at DF Seeds focuses on giving farmers access to overseas food markets with our non-GMO food-grade soybeans. Each year, we test dozens of varieties to ensure we get the right agronomics and high-protein, proven-to-succeed results.

Promoting and expanding these experiences and more are the foundation for our future work at Legacy Agripartners. We are excited about the future of agriculture and farming and look forward to writing the next vibrant chapter of our story together. 


Colin Steen
Legacy Agripartners


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