Legacy Agripartners acquires TriCal Superior Forage brand

Acquisition creates number one source for feed options for livestock producers

Scandinavia, WI – July 29, 2022 – By acquiring Northern Agri Brands, LLC including the brand TriCal Superior Forage, Legacy Agripartners has secured its’ position as the leading seed partner helping dairy and beef producers maximize production from every acre.

“TriCal Superior Forage is the industry leader in continuous innovation and genetic improvement in triticale, a highly versatile cereal forage,” says Colin Steen, CEO of Legacy Agripartners. “TriCal seed delivers superior quality forage for grazing, silage and hay with high protein and high tonnage. Adding their research and product development strength and deep pool of industry-leading genetics allows us to deliver a total agronomic solution to beef and dairy producers.” With over 15,000 test plots throughout the US and Canada, TriCal is the largest triticale breeding program in North America.

Legacy Agripartners is a network of seed companies throughout the Midwest, focusing on food and feed products for farmers and consumers. The TriCal Superior Forage brand will join Legacy Seeds and DF Seeds in the Legacy Agripartners family. Legacy Seeds breeds high-quality alfalfa and produces corn, soybean, and cereal seeds for growers in North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. DF Seeds specializes in food grade soybeans, as well as corn, alfalfa and wheat to growers in Michigan.

Each of the Legacy Agripartners seed brands is important to the communities in which they operate. Steen says they will proudly maintain the TriCal brand while looking for opportunities to find the most profitable solutions for farmer customers.

“Culturally, this is a great fit,” says Ted Rogers, Executive Vice President of Northern Agri Brands. “We’re a tight team joining a slightly bigger company, firmly planted here in the US. We share the same values and mission, to be a source of strength for agricultural America by doing right by farmers.”

For decades, producers have known the TriCal brand as the source of the best high-producing triticale seed. Triticale is a great fit for livestock producers and fits well in a corn silage/alfalfa rotation. Often, producers want to grow a new alfalfa stand but can’t afford to go without a forage for a year. Triticale fits agronomically and allows producers to maintain forage production to maximize production off every acre.

Triticale offers environmental benefits too. Triticale plants are green and growing in the field virtually the whole year, maintaining a living root year-round and building organic matter in the soil. With roots that sink deep into the ground, triticale also reduces phosphorus runoff and provides a sink source for nitrogen.

“We are focused on providing value to farmers and our seed company partners,” says Steen. “The TriCal team is a veteran group that brings a tremendous source of protein to our customers. This will allow our sales team to offer alfalfa, corn silage, and now triticale to give our customers options for the best source of protein and crop rotation and operation.”

The TriCal breeding program is second to none with a significant operation in Vernon, TX and plots throughout the US. Each year TriCal has thousands of plots testing for quality, tonnage, and agronomic factors for each geography.

“We’ll continue to expand the areas where we’re testing and finding improvements to our genetics,” says Rogers. “Joining Legacy Agripartners increases the size of our footprint. It’s great news for TriCal and our customers.”

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About Legacy Agripartners

Legacy Agripartners exists to be a source of strength for agricultural America by doing right by farmers. That dedication means we serve as the stewards and guardians of agricultural traditions that we’re honored to carry forward. From developing specialty crops for small growers to evolving how we think of feed for livestock, we see the future of agriculture clearly—and have the combined muscle to meet it with every tool in hand. Connect with Legacy Agripartners at www.legacyagripartners.com or on LinkedIn.

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